Here are some of the wonderful things people are saying about Trailblazin’ with Tara Misu:

There’s nothing better than learning about the history of a topic through light-hearted banter and charismatic speakers. The guests are informative, laid back and happy to share their knowledge.The host Tara Misu is engaging and a joy to listen to.

Definitely an up and coming podcast. If you’re ever looking for a new voice tho learn and laugh from, Trailblazin’ is a must listen.

– Soccer King5 Apple Podcasts

Lots of fakers out there but Tara is the real deal. I have know her for years and rely on her for insights as the industry grows. She knows cannabis from every angle having been an early cannabis entrepreneur and if she does not know the answer she knows someone who does! This podcast provides an essential resource. 

– SavageWoton Apple Podcasts

Tara is one of the smartest and dedicated folks in the cannabis industry and she’s taken her long standing experience to share with everyone through the Trailblazin’ podcast. Do yourself a favor and subscribe!

– MethMan7 Apple Podcasts

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