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Trailblazin’ with Tara Misu is an interview style podcast featuring an insider look at cannabis from an industry trailblazer.

What is Trailblazin’ with Tara Misu?

Tara Misu hosts a one-hour episode where she interviews her extensive network from over a decade working in cannabis. This includes industry experts, entrepreneurs, activists, political leaders and living legends. Tara is the owner and founder of edibles company Blazin’ Bakery whose products have been in 1000+ shops. She is also an activist having penned historical medical marijuana legislation in New Jersey, a professor teaching Cannabis 101 and a national conference speaker. Trailblazin’ is a fun, light-hearted podcast mixing a colorful cannabis past with an exciting new future.

Will I like Trailblazin’ with Tara Misu?

The tone is easygoing and conversational, sometimes funny but always informative. Dry droning podcasts no matter how education are painful listening! Trailblazin’ with Tara Misu aims to put the fun back in cannabis while sharing some insider wisdom.

Themes discussed include legalization, cannabis entrepreneurship (including marketing restrictions, social media, getting funding, licensing, intellectual property, banking etc.), all aspects of cannabis supply chain (growing, processing and dispensing), social justice, opportunities for women and minorities, the drug war, medical use, CBD, tales from cannabis past and hopes for cannabis future. 

Guests have included cannabis celebrities such as Makeda Marley (daughter of the legendary Bob Marley) and Super Bowl champ and CBD advocate Cullen Jenkins. We also have spoken with old school cannabis legends such as High Times Chief Cannabis Officer and cultivation expert Nico Escondido and freedom fighters like Leo Bridgewater who was the 2019 Cannabis Activist of the Year.

Adult Audience

Trailblazin’ with Tara Misu is intended for adults 21 and over who are of legal age to consume cannabis.

Release Schedule

New Episode are released every Tuesday with Patreon subscribers getting early episode access 24 hours before the public and bonus monthly content.


Trailblazin’ with Tara Misu was released on the epic cosmic moment of 4:20 pm on April 20th of 2020. The once in a century occurrence of the hour, day, month and year all being 420.

Reviews and Testimonials

“Lots of fakers out there but Tara is the real deal. I have know her for years and rely on her for insights as the industry grows. She knows cannabis from every angle having been an early cannabis entrepreneur and if she does not know the answer she knows someone who does! This podcast provides an essential resource.” 
– Apple Podcasts Listener, SavageWoton

“There’s nothing better than learning about the history of a topic through light-hearted banter and charismatic speakers. The guests are informative, laid back and happy to share their knowledge. The host Tara Misu is engaging and a joy to listen to.

Definitely an up and coming podcast. If you’re ever looking for a new voice tho learn and laugh from, Trailblazin’ is a must listen.”
– Apple Podcasts Listener,Soccer King5

“Tara is one of the smartest and dedicated folks in the cannabis industry and she’s taken her long standing experience to share with everyone through the Trailblazin’ podcast. Do yourself a favor and subscribe!”
– Apple Podcasts Listener, MethMan7

Support and Funding

Trailblazin with Tara Misu is funded by the generous donations of it’s loyal supporters and select advertisers. 

Patreon supporters get monthly bonus content such as episodes of Tara Misu’s series of adventures and lessons learned on the road to legalization Tales from the Trail, they also receive exclusive discounts on all Blazin’ Brand products and and more great perks. There’s even an opportunity for a monthly cannabis coaching call with Tara.

For those who just want to say thank you to Tara Misu for her decade of unpaid efforts toward cannabis legalization, all personally funded out of her own pocket they may simply buy her a cup of coffee! It’s a simple and sweet way of saying thank you for waking up every day and fighting the good fight!

Advertisers for select brands hand-selected to appeal to the Trailblazin’ audience can also benefit from targeted exposure without the usual cannabis marketing restrictions!

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Host Bio

Tara Misu is the CEO and founder of Blazin’ Bakery, New Jersey’s first legal edibles company started in 2009.  Blazin’ Bakery products have been sold in Spencer Gifts and over 1,000 shops nationally. The company also offers CBD products including it’s new pet line Blazin’ Barkery. 

Tara is an edibles expert who has studied extraction science in California and Colorado. She uses her extensive cannabis experience to advance cannabis legalization, she was the single largest contributor to the New Jersey 2019 Medical Marijuana Bill Jake Honig’s Law, the first NJ cannabis legislation passed in nearly a decade. She is currently the Executive Director of the New Jersey CannaBusiness Association, the states first and largest cannabis trade organization. 

Tara is an encyclopedia of cannabis knowledge and has recently added Professor to her resume. She developed the content and taught one of NJ’s first cannabis courses at an accredited college and will soon be releasing her own online course. Tara frequently speaks at national conferences on topics such as edibles, extraction, licensing, branding and policy.

Before her time in cannabis Tara worked as a designer/branding specialist in New York and London, her resume includes Fortune 500 companies such as Google, Victoria’s Secret and the Hearst Corporation.

Aside from cannabis Tara loves all things macabre and horror, dabbling in acting, stand-up and improv comedy and her terrifying chihuahua, Diablo. 


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